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No COST Office Space Search for Houston, Texas


So let Houston Realty Advisors, Inc. provides their extensive knowledge of the Greater Houston commercial real estate market while providing quality, personal tenant representation in Houston FOR YOU, AT NO COST!!!

We advise businesses of all sizes on their commercial real estate needs. We find the best office space, warehouse/industrial space or retail locations in Houston for rent, lease or purchase... at the right price. In addition, we are specialists in corporate relocation, renewals, consolidations, expansions and commercial real estate and have We have 30 years of excellent contract negotiation skills. Furthermore, we have listings for lease/purchase properties, tenant representative, office to share and available office sublease space, in Houston, Texas.

At Houston Realty Advisors, we maintain office space options in various locations throughout Houston. We are unique in that we provide your business with the exact professional office space you need.

For a complete list of Commercial Real Estate listings,
call me, Ed A. Ayres, at 713-782-0260. I'll help you get the best deal or email me at

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